Margaret Thatcher Lecture 2012

Margaret Thatcher Lecture 2012

On Tuesday 23rd October 2012, former Daily Telegraph and Spectator Editor Charles Moore delivered the second Centre for Policy Studies Margaret Thatcher Lecture, titled ‘The EU v The Nation State: Who’s Winning?’ to a packed audience at Bloomberg LP in the City of London.

Always insightful and with a sharp analysis, Moore (Lady Thatcher’s official biographer), examined  the extent to which the European Union had subverted the national interest of the UK in favour of the goal of a federated Europe, and whether the current government had a plan to fight for Britain’s interest in the wake of plans for further integration.

CPS Chairman Lord Saatchi, chairing the event, delivered a warm message to attendees from Lady Thatcher.

To watch the lecture, read a transcript of the speech and view photos from the evening, visit our event page for full coverage.

Media Impact:

“Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher promises to be the most important British political book in decades. Tonight, we got a preview of it when Charles delivered the Centre for Policy Studies’ second Margaret Thatcher lecture.”

Charles Moore - Wednesday, 24th October, 2012