Global Commission on Drug Policy statistics – wrong and misleading

Image of factsheet coverKathy Gyngell

Were Kofi Annan and the other signatories to the Global Commission on Drugs Policy Report misled by the Report’s exaggerated claim of rising global drug use?

This is the question asked by Kathy Gyngell in ‘Misleading and irresponsible drug prevalence statistics’, a CPS Factsheet.

Estimates published by the recent Global Commission on Drug Policy Report led to extensive media reporting of a substantial increase in drug use globally over the last ten years and thus of a failed ‘war on drugs’. Their estimates were attributed to UN data. Having contacted the UNODC, we have since found that (in UNODC’s own words) “the GC calculated those figures based on flawed methodology.”

Media impact:

Kathy Gyngell - Friday, 23rd September, 2011