Lord Saatchi sets out a bold alternative to the two dismal options of Remain and Leave

Both Remain and Leave are dismal options, Maurice Saatchi will explain at a lecture to be delivered at the Royal United Services Institute.

“Remain: a little cog in the European machine. No control! No control at all! Not our borders! Not our laws! Who wants that!
Leave: a little island on the edge of Europe. No money! No jobs! Who wants that!”

Maurice Saatchi will in its place set out an idealistic vision – eutopia – whereby Britain can enjoy the benefits of a big trading bloc without the price that goes with it (the loss of control).

This can be achieved because, as a recent CPS paper has shown, Britain will soon have the biggest economy and the largest population in the EU.

“Britain should therefore prepare to take its rightful place as the natural leader of Europe”.

Maurice Saatchi will conclude:

“This is not a job for pragmatism, or a whistle-stop tour of European fine dining tables. It is the work of a generation. Maybe several. It will take quite a while. Let the Prime Minister start now. See the future. Recognise it. Plan for it. Let him, his heirs and successors, show the people of Europe what Britain has to offer as the leader.”

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Maurice Saatchi - Wednesday, 15th June, 2016