Britain Beyond Brexit

Britain Beyond Brexit

This book contains a treasure trove of ideas for Tory renewal’ – Ruth Davidson MSP

The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to announce the publication of ‘Britain Beyond Brexit’, a collection of essays by almost 40 leading politicians, edited by George Freeman MP.

The collection, produced by Freeman and the 2020 Group of Conservative MPs, brings together an all-star cast of Conservatives to set out a bold new vision for Britain beyond Brexit, exploring how a new Conservatism can tackle the grand challenges of our time and win back the next generation of voters.

It is available for purchase now on Amazon as a hardback or eBook or via the CPS website above.

The collection includes essays by many of those who will shape the Conservatives’ future, including Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP and the Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP – all of whom will be speaking at its launch in Parliament on Monday 10 June. It also features a foreword from the Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

The book is organised around six key themes:

  • “Identity, Place and Belonging” discusses the importance of people’s natural loyalty to place and how it can be better harnessed.
  • “Opportunity Society” looks at how to reform schools, skills, welfare and public services to put opportunity at the heart of our society.
  • “Innovation Economy” sets out a bold package of ideas for unleashing a renaissance of innovation and enterprise, showing how it is fundamental to social mobility.
  • “Responsibility and Social Justice” outlines a model of social justice which always provides a safety net for those in need but helps avoid debilitating state dependency.
  • “Security and Insecurity” explores new asymmetric military threats and reforms to aid and trade.
  • “Culture, Community and Citizenship” argues that real security is about more than just a society’s wealth or military power. It also rests on the resilience of its shared values and the institutions that protect them.

George Freeman MP, founder of the 2020 Conservatives Group, said:

“We are living through one of those volcanic change moments in politics: a 1975 or 1945 moment. The status quo is crumbling. The question is: who will shape the future?

“Unless a New Generation of Conservatives rise to the challenge we will let Corbyn in via the Brexit back door.

“We need a New Conservatism for a New Generation. That’s why I founded the 2020 Conservatives Group and curated this book, which I’m delighted we are publishing with the CPS – who were so instrumental in the last big rethink of Conservatism.

“William Beveridge published his landmark report in the darkest days of the second world war.  1980s Enterprise Conservatism was conceived in the dark days of the 1970s crisis.  In the middle of this existential Brexit crisis, we offer this book inspired by those giant footsteps: big ideas and a bold vision for a new generation.

“Most of all, Britain Beyond Brexit is a wake-up call. If we’re going to answer the generational challenge, we’ve got to be brave enough to think beyond Brexit.”

Robert Colvile, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: 

“Since I became the CPS’s Director, we have worked with a host of MPs – many of them contributors to this book – to bring their ideas to a wider audience.

“We are therefore honoured and delighted to be acting as a publisher for this major collection of essays, put together by George Freeman and the 2020 Conservatives Group.

“There are essays here that echo proposals put forward by the CPS – and essays that challenge them. But all reflect that passion for new thinking. Collectively, they will undoubtedly make a major contribution to the vital debate about Britain’s post-Brexit future.”

Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, said: 

“Britain is stuck. The Brexit impasse has paralysed Parliament and Government. The public is watching on with dismay at the impact this is having on the country’s reputation.

“Our task is clear: we must show the next generation how they can have greater opportunities than the last, and then make it happen. The ideas in this book are ready to be implemented now. Not tomorrow or the week after, but today.

“This book contains a treasure trove of ideas for political renewal.”

Ideas from the book will be featured on CapX over the coming days, and elsewhere across the media. You can already read Robert Colvile’s introductory essay as well as Dominic Raab on Britain’s post-Brexit future and Penny Mordaunt on how Britain can be the ‘game-changer nation’

The other contributors to the book, in order of appearance, are:

John Lamont MP
Luke Graham MP
Flick Drummond
Antoinette Sandbach MP
John Stevenson MP
Jack Brereton MP
Helen Whately MP
Rachel Maclean MP
Damian Green MP
Tim Loughton MP
Will Quince MP
Nicky Morgan MP
Alan Mak MP
Scott Mann MP
Kwasi Kwarteng MP
Robert Halfon MP
John Penrose MP
Suella Braverman MP
Rebecca Pow MP
Robert Courts MP
Guy Opperman MP
Tom Tugendhat MP
Andrew Mitchell MP
Bob Seely MP
Mark Garnier MP
Richard Benyon MP
Damian Collins MP
Chloe Smith MP
Rachel Mclean MP
Ed Vaizey MP
Dame Caroline Spelman MP
Jesse Norman MP

George Freeman - Monday, 10th June, 2019