Assisted Suicide – how the chattering classes have gotten it wrong

Image of report cover‘assisted suicide in the UK would eventually create a disturbing and unethical utopia’ Intelligence Squared

‘The “chattering classes” love the idea of assisted suicide… But that doesn’t mean we should listen to them.’ The Atlantic Wire

In this report, Cristina Odone:

  • condemns the strident consumerist élite which is playing on our fears of death and dying to call for the legalisation of assisted suicide
  • argues that it is the most vulnerable people – the ill, the frail, the elderly  – who may be subject to manipulation by others
  • puts forward proposals which would improve the quality of life for those who are near death.

She warns that the pressure to legalise assisted suicide as a utilitarian solution will grow – and must be resisted.

The full text of the report can be downloaded from here. And please let me have a postal address if you would like a hard copy.

As a writer for the Daily Telegraph, Christina has also written the following articles expressing her ideas on assisted suicide:

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This report is already having a significant impact in media across the political spectrum:

Next month Christina’s contribution to the feature debate in Marie Claire South Africa and the comment piece in Nursing Standard will be published.

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The pamphlet has also had considerable impact on the blogsphere, particularly religious blogs:

Cristina Odone - Monday, 18th October, 2010