A Pensions and Savings Manifesto

In a new paper “A Pensions and Savings Manifesto”, published Tuesday 2 May 2017 by the Centre for Policy Studies, Michael Johnson outlines some pensions- and savings-related policy proposals for political parties to consider for their General Election manifestos.

The policy proposals embrace the pursuit of simplification, transparency, and fairness, both intra- and inter-generational.

The paper puts forward proposals in eight broad strands.

  1. Restructure the incentives to save.
  2. Raise the private pension age to 60.
  3. Enhance the Lifetime ISA.
  4. A Workplace ISA to reinforce automatic enrolment.
  5. Introduce auto-protection.
  6. Liberate the National Employment Savings Trust.
  7. Seed a Sovereign Wealth Fund with LGPS assets.
  8. Other proposals.

Michael Johnson - Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017