Tax cuts for parents 'extremely welcome' says CPS Director

Responding to the Conservatives’ pledge to cut taxes for parents, CPS Director Robert Colvile said:

‘The Conservatives’ decision to tackle the unfairness of the high-income child benefit tax charge is extremely welcome. As the CPS identified in its recent paper ‘Family-Friendly Taxation’, this is a hugely unfair measure which results in parents paying higher marginal tax rates for every child they have. It was meant to affect only the richest households, but has steadily trapped more and more families.

Raising the threshold and moving it on to a household basis, as we recommended, will help hard-working families and address some of the significant unfairness within the tax system against single-earner households.’


  • Robert Colvile is Director at the Centre for Policy Studies
  • ‘Family-Friendly Taxation’ by Tom Clougherty and Ranil Jayawardena is available here.
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Date Added: Thursday 6th June 2024