CPS Director responds to new CPRE research on rural housing

Responding to new analysis of the rural housing crisis from CPRE, Robert Colvile, CPS Director, said:

‘It is welcome that the CPRE has finally noticed that there is a housing crisis in the British countryside. However, the CPRE has done as much as any organisation to create that crisis, by resolutely opposing any and all plans to increase housing supply by anything like the scale required.

‘Even now, the CPRE still refuses to state in plain English that housing is unaffordable – in the countryside and elsewhere – primarily because we have not built nearly enough of it. Until it can admit that, it will be campaigning not to protect rural England, but to destroy the futures of those living there.’



  • Robert Colvile is the Director at the Centre for Policy Studies
  • Reports on the housing crisis by the CPS include ‘The Case for Housebuilding’‘Resentful Renters’‘The Right to Own’ and ‘The Housing Guarantee’.
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Date Added: Tuesday 19th March 2024