CPS Response: NEU Strike Ballot

In response to the NEU voting for strike action, Mark Lehain, CPS Head of Education, said:

“The NEU result is disappointing – strikes would be the wrong action, for the wrong reason, at the wrong time. After everything pupils have been through in recent years, further disruption to their education is the last thing they and their parents need.

“School absences are still much higher than before the pandemic and strike-enforced closures could make things even worse. On top of this, in a cost of living crisis parents simply cannot afford to take time off work to care for children or attempt to support children with remote learning yet again.

“It’s also sad for the profession. Until now teachers have been among the most trusted groups in society and I worry that strikes will undermine this, especially if parents take a financial hit.

“A vote in favour of striking does not mean that a strike has to happen – hopefully the union will hold off putting this result into action and use the time to continue constructive negotiations. If it does, I hope teachers will do the honourable thing and conduct the strikes such that the impact on pupils is minimised. 

“Overall though, it’s a sad day for the nation’s children, families and teachers.”

Date Added: Monday 16th January 2023