'They're trying it on!' Thatcher aide warns Boris not to 'give an inch' to striking unions

Lauren Maher of the Centre for Policy Studies said trade unions must not be allowed to “paralyse the country” and argued the Government “mustn’t succumb to strikers’ demands and further add to the costs of public services”.

Warning of the damage rail strikes could cause, she said: “After the pandemic, commuter numbers have fallen off a cliff and they aren’t coming back – leaving a gaping hole in the finances.

“Strike action could be enough to tip the rail industry over the edge, and only proves further the need for radical reform across the sector to improve the model for the modern age.

“With costs already spiralling for passengers on a system that doesn’t suit their needs, adding to those costs or making the experience worse for passengers won’t be met with much sympathy.”

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Date Added: Tuesday 31st May 2022