'Kneecapped' commuters to lose £5m a day to rail strikes

Rail commuters will lose more than £5m a day to next week’s strikes, as experts warned the return to the office was being “kneecapped” by union bosses.

Workers will lose the equivalent of almost £60 worth of travel next week This means a commuter making a return trip on all three strike days – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – will lose £57.24.

The Office of Rail and Road estimated that 51.2 million journeys were made by season ticket holders in the first three months of the year. This is equivalent to 569,000 journeys a day, meaning £5.1m will be lost every day to strikes.

Tony Lodge, of think tank the Centre for Policy Studies, said the strike action would “kneecap” the return to the office, with the industrial action likely to affect services for an entire week. “Even though they’re only striking three days, what they’re doing is taking the whole week out,” he said. “They’ve deliberately done this for a seven-day impact.”

“Nobody will have any confidence using trains from Monday night to the following Monday. Bosses will just let their employees work from home rather than put up with a summer of chaos.”

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Date Added: Friday 17th June 2022