Holi-yay boost for Brits as B&Bs could finally be able to offer money-saving deals amid end to restrictive EU laws

British B&Bs could be cut loose from EU laws hindering them offering package deals – as Jacob Rees-Mogg plans to light a bonfire of red tape.

Earlier this year he urged Sun readers to write to him with which rules they want ditched – and they have been taking up the offer in droves.

Yesterday told an event at the Centre for Policy Studies: “I already have, and I have to publish in due course, a list of about 1,500 pieces of retained EU law.

“And then people can see them in all that technicolour glory, and see which ones can be got rid of.”

In a nod to freedom-loving President Ronald Reagan, Mr Rees-Mogg said the nine scariest words in the English language are “we need to remain in lockstep with the EU.”

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Date Added: Friday 6th May 2022