CPS welcomes Government action on childcare costs

The Centre for Policy Studies today welcomed the Government’s proposals to improve the cost, choice and availability of childcare, which mirror many of the suggestions made in a recent report.

As the CPS has highlighted, the Government’s pledge to consult on cutting ratio regulations is a crucial first step in making sure the cost of childcare is cut significantly without undermining safety, by bringing us closer into line with similar countries. The think tank also praised the Government’s plans to make it easier to become a childminder and review the role of the Early Years Foundation Stage in childcare settings, both of which were highlighted in Elizabeth Dunkley’s recent CPS paper ‘Solving the Childcare Challenge’.

Elizabeth Dunkley, Researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies, said:

‘As households continue to bear the brunt of the worst cost of living crisis in a generation, today’s announcement is a welcome step in addressing the scandalous cost of Britain’s childcare – which has burdened families and stunted economic growth for years.

‘Cutting excessive levels of red tape around child-staff ratios – which have been unnecessarily burdensome for years – is crucial to reducing the financial burden that childcare imposes on families. Likewise, as we’ve previously highlighted, making it easier for people to become childminders will allow the Government to make huge strides towards delivering the urgent reform that is needed.

‘However, the Government must be firm in the face of the inevitable vocal opposition. To deliver the lasting change that the nation desperately requires, it must ensure it brings the country in line with its European neighbours – many of which offer higher quality childcare at significantly lower costs.’

Date Added: Monday 4th July 2022