‘Don’t be like America’ Leading pollster warns cultures wars WILL destroy Britain

Dr Frank Luntz, whose political insights helped George W. Bush and David Cameron win power on either side of the Atlantic, delivered a stunning lecture where he said the twin evils of wokeism on the left and populism on the right are destroying democracy in the US. He likened wokeism to coranvirus infecting the country without a cure and Donald Trump’s populism was shredding the US.

Speaking at the Centre for Public Policy’s annual Sir Keith Joseph lecture Dr Luntz said: “You may not believe it, or see it, but your country is different[ than the US].

“It is better. It is civil. I’ve done focus groups here with Labour and Tory voters, and they disagree on so many things. But they’re polite. They listen. They respond. They still care for each other.  Even the Liberal Democrats.”

Date Added: Tuesday 17th May 2022