Purging the bleeping pager is key to digitising the NHS - Alan Mak MP

65 years on from the first use of pagers in hospitals, over 100,00 devices are still in use across the NHS. Alan Mak MP, who has put forward a bill to ban their use, along with fax machines, argues in The Times that they are contributing to inefficiencies and sub-standard patient care.

“97 per cent of doctors [regularly[ turn to insecure instant messaging services to send patient information to colleagues” because the pagers they were provided with are limited in the information they can transmit.

Alan argues by replacing out-dated technology “we can give our doctors and nurses better tools at work” and save the NHS millions.

‘Powerful Patients, Paperless Systems’, written by Alan Mak MP and published by the Centre for Policy Studies, was launched in May 2018 at an addressed by the then-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Click here to read Alan’s full piece in The Times.

Date Added: Tuesday 26th February 2019