Russia has systematically flouted every international norm - Robert Colvile

Robert Colvile joined the BBC News Channel to discuss possible UK responses to the Russian poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Tuesday 13 March 2018.

Robert pointed out that Russia has “systematically flouted” international norms and even prior to the latest apparently assassination attempt, there were questions being raised about the England team’s participation in the upcoming Russia World Cup.

Robert also said that though he doubted England would boycott the World Cup, allowing Russia to continue to host the tournament hgave Vladimir Putin a huge platform to show off his Russia, like the new Tsar putting on a parade before his subjects.

On 14 March Robert Colvile argued for a boycott in City A.M.’s Debate column. With Alex Deane suggesting sporting boycotts were usually futile, Robert said “Russia is a gangster state” and Putin should not be rewarded by playing host to the world.

Read the full piece on the City A.M. website.

Date Added: Tuesday 13th March 2018