MPs quizzed on support for a Royal Commission

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News, quizzed three leading MPs and health campaigners on their views about an NHS Royal Commission on Channel 4 News, Wednesday 10 November.

Dr Andrew Murrison, Conserverative MP and former front bench health spokesman, said “I and others are calling for a Royal Commission…we need to do it properly.”

He echoed the views of Lord Saatchi, who proposed the Royal Commission in February 2017 and followed up that report with another outlining a potential remit earlier this week, in saying “this year, the 70th anniversary of the NHS, is a good time to do it.”

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat MP and former Social Care Minister, called for a cross-party approach that was “strictly time limited”. In his recent report Lord Saatchi proposes a commission set up now could be instructed to report in good time prior to the next General Election in order for parties to consider it’s proposals for their manifestos.

Labour MP Luciana Berger said all parties needed to acknowledge they could “arrive together at this solution.”

Watch the full interview from Channel 4 below.

Date Added: Wednesday 10th January 2018