Damian Green slams 'ruthless' social media companies in call for digital election rules crackdown

Political campaigning posts on social media should be regulated in a similar way to printed materials, said Damian Green, in comments to the Centre for Policy Studies, reports Sky News.

Speaking at the launch of ‘Who Governs Britain?’, Green backed the report’s proposal calling for an online version of the traditional political imprint, saying “There needs to be far more transparency telling people ‘if you are reading this on your Facebook feed, this is produced by x on behalf of y’ so that you can know that your friends are sending you stuff – whether it’s from the Conservatives or Momentum or whatever.”


Click here to read the full piece on the Sky News website.

‘Who Governs Britain?’ is published by the Centre for Policy Studies and available to download here.

Date Added: Tuesday 24th July 2018