Tories need the youth back on side - CPS report

The Times: Tory policies are inherently attractive to the young (£), also available here

“The Conservatives have a problem with the young. They don’t like us. As Gideon Skinner and Kully Kaur-Ballagan of Ipsos Mori pointed out in yesterday’s Red Box, age was the greatest dividing factor in the general election since records began in 1979, with Labour enjoying a 20 per cent swing among those aged between 18 and 34.

The worst thing that the Conservatives can do in response to this is to “act cool”, to develop new policies which would be patently targeted at the young. As any parent knows, the one sure way of further alienating a grumpy teenager is to take to the dance floor.”


The Telegraph: How Tories can win over the young without copying Labour’s irresponsibile spending pledges (£), also available here

“The stark generational divide emerging from the general election will be sending shivers down the spine of Conservative MPs, with Labour being more popular than the Tories in every age group up to 47. If it wasn’t for Theresa May’s enormous lead among the over 60s, we would now be looking at a Jeremy Corbyn premiership.”


The Sun: MIND THE OAP GAP. Theresa May urged to introduce ‘generational airness’ teston policy to slash the wealth divide between rich OAPsand sturggling youngsters

“The Centre for Policy Studies added that abolishing tax breaks on National Insurance relief on employers’ contributions would save £8 billion.

Such a move would echo a ‘Family Test’ introduced by David Cameron three years ago – claiming parents and children could too often be overlooked and left worse off by reforms.”

Date Added: Saturday 17th June 2017