Theresa May told to crackdown on medical legal bills

Theresa May needs to do more to tackle the soaring medico-legal burden on the NHS as highlighted by a new CPS report, “The Medico-Legal Crisis and How to Solve It” by Dr Paul Goldsmith.

The report, published 6 October 2017, also highlighted the increased costs of GP indemnity, bourne by the GPs themselves, which risked driving them out of practice. Dr Paul Goldsmith noted that “the cost of claims is also increasing rapidly (by roughly 10 per cent a year) and is set to increase even faster, not least because of the drop in the discount rate by which lump sum damages are assessed. Current GPs are in effect paying for cases which relate to previous years, perhaps for colleagues who have now retired. If these costs are passed through to GPs, they may find them unaffordable and stop work.”

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Date Added: Friday 6th October 2017