The Times: CPS warns against

The Times has reported on a new CPS report, UK Manufacturing: How to Fuel the Engine, published on Wednesday 22 February 2017. The piece, which links the report to a leading manufactors conference taking place on the same day, includes the report’s warning against an aggressive industrial strategy from the government.

A leading Conservative think tank has warned the government not to enmesh itself in “an aggressive, interventionist industrial strategy”.

Ahead of today’s National Manufacturing Conference of the engineering bosses’ federation, the EEF, the Centre for Policy Studies said that the industrial strategy envisaged by the prime minister and Greg Clark, the business secretary, would not be a success. 

Daniel Mahoney, CPS head of economic research, said: “It is unclear what the government’s industrial strategy is but we believe an aggressive strategy is not a desired output. Intervention, subsidies, propping up companies or industries is a no. We believe the focus should be on the supply side in energy, training, procurement, setting up free ports.””

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Date Added: Wednesday 22nd February 2017