The Conservatives should seize this chance to radically reshape Britain

Giving the current state of the polls, the snap election looks set to give Theresa May a solid mandate to create radical domestic change in the UK writes Daniel mahoney in City AM Wednesday 19 April 2017.

“While Continental Europe faces instability from the rise of populist parties and persistent issues with the single currency, there is now a real prospect of Theresa May going into talks with the EU with a large, stable parliamentary majority from 9 June onwards.

Yet if May triumphs in this election, she will have a mandate until 2022. There is much more to this vote than the Brexit negotiations, which are due to end in 2019.

In fact, the favourable backdrop and a divided opposition give the Prime Minister as many, if not more, opportunities to pursue radical reform in the domestic sphere. May has a unique chance to advocate a wide-ranging policy agenda to boost the UK’s competitiveness, while offering tangible ways of increasing the incomes of the so-called just about managing.”

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Date Added: Wednesday 19th April 2017