Terrorism case against Qatar muddied by Muslim Brotherhood links

HE Omar Saif Ghobash, UAE Ambassador to Russia, joined the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security in a panel discussion entitled “Geopolitics: Ideology and Fragmentation in the Middle East” during which time he talked about the recent boycott of Qatar as other Middle Eastern countries accuse it of being a funder of terrorism, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Omar Saif Ghobash, the U.A.E.’s ambassador to the U.K., acknowledged that the evidence the U.A.E. and its allies have produced against Qatar hasn’t convinced everyone. The most alarming cases alleged are often dated, while the list includes anomalies, such as a Qatari journalist not obviously connected to terrorism.

Ghobash hinted that evidence of direct collusion between the Qatari royal family and U.S.-designated terrorists might have been held back from the list to give the regime in Doha a chance to back down gracefully first.”

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Date Added: Wednesday 28th June 2017