Taking away Uber is like taking away part of our lives - Robert Colvile for the FT

In the wake of Transport for London’s decision not to re-issue Uber with a private hire licence, Robert Colvile predicts a compromise will be found.

“When Transport for London, an independent regulator overseen by the mayor, announced that Uber’s operating licence would not be renewed, the reaction was swift. “Brilliant victory for unions, labour movement and London’s cabbies. Uber destroys the fabric of cities and evades social responsibility,” tweeted the Corbynite journalist Paul Mason. “Oh, bloody hell,” went pretty much everyone else. Within 24 hours, the company’s petition to “Save Your Uber in London” had attracted half a million signatures.

Colvile argues that Uber’s popularity – build off the back of offering customers improved services at reduced cost – means TfL is likely to re-issue the licence, following some compromsies.

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Date Added: Saturday 23rd September 2017