Lord Saatchi writes lead op-ed for Mail on Sunday

Lord Saatchi, chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies, wrote an op-ed for the Mail on Sunday on 19 February 2017 to accompany their coverage of his latest CPS paper, A NHS Royal Commission: From fighting fires to a lasting settlement.

The paper calls for a Royal Commission to give the NHS a full body check-up, its first in decades, and to examine all funding options to ensure the NHS continues to provide first class treatment and outcomes for the next 70 years.

Lord Saatchi commented:

“The Commission should be asked to investigate how deteriorating clinical outcomes should be improved, how barriers to equal access should be eliminated and how the NHS should be future-proofed.

It can also be asked to make recommendations on innovations that could provide cost-effective improvements and to outline best practice.

The timing has never been better. We have the finest medical minds in the world. If they really believed it was Her Majesty’s wish that they would all sit down together to bring forward a good plan for the nation’s health, it would happen.

It will not be hard. All the Commission has to do is to find out what people expect and give it to them. All it needs is a blank sheet of paper and a pencil.”

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Lord Saatchi’s report also featured in several other newspapers:

Date Added: Sunday 19th February 2017