Ireland will benefit from City Brexodus

Daniel Mahoney, CPS’ Head of Economic Research, argues that Ireland will benefit greatly from any City Brexodus as a result of the Leave vote in CityAM, Monday 30 January 2017.

“Although Theresa May has provided a degree of clarity on the Brexit negotiations, remaining uncertainties mean that financial service firms will, inevitably, seek to implement some restructuring and contingency planning. Ireland is well placed to take advantage of this.

Ireland shares a common language and time zone with the UK, and is also home to the joint-lowest corporation tax in the EU. Moreover, while Ireland has a relatively flexible labour market that is attractive to business, many of its EU competitors impose punitive labour laws that discourage foreign direct investment. France, for example, has some of the most punitive employment legislation in the developed world.”

Read Daniel’s full argument, and the opposing view, on CityAM’s website.

Date Added: Monday 30th January 2017