Increased support for house building - CityAM

CityAM published an article today, Thursday 2 February 2017, on CPS’ recent housing report and the need for the government to build more homes to meet its target of 1 million new homes by 2020.

The article picked up on the figures quoted in the report from the British Social Attitudes survey sugesting that nimbyism is waning as a result of the increasing difficulty getting on the housing ladder.

“The construction of new homes is now a top five priority for voters, with increasing numbers of people willing to support housing projects in their local area.

A report by the Centre for Policy Studies, a think tank, suggests attitudes to new builds have changed dramatically over the last ten years.

Citing a British Social Attitudes survey, the authors said 21 per cent of respondents opposed new housing in their local area, down from 46 per cent in 2010. The same survey indicated that in 2014, 56 per cent of respondents would have supported the construction of new homes, up from 28 per cent in 2010.

“The importance of housing to the electorate reflects the fact that there are simply not enough places for people to live in,” the report says. “With house prices continuing to rise far faster than wages, the need for new housing has never been greater.””


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Date Added: Thursday 2nd February 2017