Hugo Chavez, not 'foreign meddling', responsible for Venezuela's crisis

Daniel Mahoney, Head of Economic Research for the Centre for Policy Studies, writes for The Telegraph on the ongoing instability in Benezeula and it’s roots in Hugo Chavez’ economic reforms.

“This week Parliament debated the deepening chaos in Venezuela. Even today, many Labour MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn himself, continue to apologise for the legacy of Hugo Chavez. Some on the British Left blame the current crisis on meddling by Western powers; others say it is the work of Chavez’s successor President Maduro. 

If either of these things is true, then those who supported Chavez when he was alive need not apologise or rethink their position. But as we at the Centre for Policy Studies have laid out in a report this week, Chavez’s reform agenda was always doomed to disaster – and so, by extension, would Corbynism.”

Daniel’s full report can be found here.

The piece was originally published on The Telegraph (£) but is also available on our website.

Date Added: Thursday 7th September 2017