Daily Mail features story on "Dfid Diet"

The CPS’ Economic Bulletin “Time for a Dfid Diet?” was featured in the Daily Mail, Sunday 19 January 2017, saying the report puts pressure on the Government to re-consider it’s 0.7% target for spending on foreign aid.

“Britain’s bloated aid budget should be put on a ‘diet’ in the wake of the Brexit vote, a study says today.

The Centre for Policy Studies says Brexit ‘provides an opportunity’ to cut the £12billion aid budget and direct part of the savings to domestic priorities. In a detailed report, the think-tank suggests it is also time to tear up controversial laws forcing Britain to spend billions on foreign aid.”

“The Daily Mail has highlighted how cutting the foreign aid bill could allow the Government to devote more cash to easing Britain’s social care crisis. The study, conducted by a think-tank co-founded up by Margaret Thatcher, will pile pressure on ministers to review David Cameron’s decision to commit Britain to the 0.7 per cent spending target.”

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Date Added: Thursday 19th January 2017