CPS research fellows' evidence features in House of Lords report

The House of Lords Select Commitee on Economic Affairs today published its latest report entitled The Price of Power: Reforming the Electricity Market. Two CPS research fellows, Tony Lodge and Rupert Darwell, gave evidence before the Committee hearings and their testimony is referenced in the report. The Centre for Policy Studies report on the energy market written by Tony Lodge, The Great Green Hangover, is also referenced directly.

“Witnesses were divided on whether the current margin was a cause for concern…Tony Lodge, of the Centre for Policy Studies, saw the possibility of blackouts in the near future and considered that a series of mild winters had suppressed demand and prevented any serious shortages. National Grid acknowledged this factor had helped them meet demand in the winter of 2015/16.”

Click here to read the full report from the House of Lords.

Date Added: Friday 24th February 2017