CPS commended at the Prospect Think Tank Awards

The annual Prospect Think Tank Awards took place on Monday 10 July 2017 at the Institute of Directors.

The Centre for Policy Studies was singled out in the “Energy and Environment” category for their work on “deregulation and the need for a national agriculture policy, two neglected areas of the Brexit debate”, with the overall award going to Chatham House.

The paper nominated was “Brexit, Agriculture, and Agricultural Policy” by Sir Richard Packer, published by the Centre for Policy Studies in January 2017. The report argues that, in the event of Britain leaving the Single Market, the Government will have a strong hand to deploy in this section of the negotiations, given the UK has a large trade deficit in agriculture and food with the EU(27),

The report also argues that, free to establish its own agricultural policy, Britain can take full advantage of the benefits of Brexit; including freedom from the payment of EU agricultural subsidies; the ability to establish national rules in policy areas such as plant and animal health and GM foods; and the simplification of the system of support payments to British farmers.

Read the full round of of all the categories and overall winners here.

Date Added: Tuesday 11th July 2017