Conservatives have no message, claims former minister

The Conservatives have no message – beyond austerity and Brexit – and they will struggle to attract voters if they allow the Left to claim the monopoly on the language of compassion, claimed Robert Halfon in a speech to the Centre for Policy Studies, 9 October 2017.

City AM noted that “Halfon has long pushed for a Momentum-esque movement within the Conservatives, and argued that the Tories should be a natural home for trade unions.”

He reiterated that stance, urging party members and MPs to develop “a romantic and ethical message of our own, recognising that we need radical change if we are to inspire millions of people to vote Tory: not just with their heads because of the economy, but with their hearts too.

“Unless we do so, I believe that we will never get the strong majority that our country needs.”

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Robert Halfon’s speech is available to listen to on the CPS website.

Date Added: Monday 9th October 2017