Anne Applebaum: The West needs to regain its ideals

Anne Applebaum, prominent foreign policy commentator and columnist with The Washington Post, joined the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Security to discuss the topic “What should ‘the West’ stand for?”

After her panel, Anne spoke to Rob Covile, Editor of CapX, about the threats posed by Russia, fake news and President Trump, modern challenges to democracy, and her concerns about rising authoritarianism.

“Who were the first people who really understood the power of radio? It was Hitler and Stalin. Understanding how to use new media, how to reach people in different ways, is something that has been useful to authoritarians throughout history.”

“Trump is a master conspiracist, and a master inventor of fake stories. He does this thing of constantly undermining almost everything and everyone around him, in an incredibly disruptive way. The mark he’s going to leave on American institutions… the long-term damage is going to be pretty extreme.”

Listen to Anne’s interview with CapX’s Free Exchange podcast here.

Date Added: Wednesday 19th July 2017