"Kindness of Strangers" damages the economy - Telegraph

The CPS report “Kindness of Strangers” features in an article in the Telegraph, Thursday 23 January 2017, which outlines the dangers of the UK’s current financial policies.

The article comes as quantitative easing – intended to be a short-term measure after the financial crisis in 2008 – approaches it’s tenth anniversary in February. The report references the dangers of the measures and why it is vital they are stopped soon to avoid long-term damage to the economy.

“The Bank of England must stop quantitative easing and put an end to low interest rates because they are damaging the UK’s economy, a leading think-tank has warned.

Low interest rates and QE, also known as asset purchase, were originally intended to be a short-term response to the financial crisis of 2008.

But, 10 years on, this form of monetary stimulus remains place in all major western economies. It should be reversed to avoid long-lasting consequences, according to a report from the Centre for Policy Studies.

“QE and low interest rates may be politically convenient for governments, such as in the US and the UK, which continue to run significant budget deficits, but its consequences have been severe,” said Brian Sturgess, the author of the report.”

Read the full article on the Telegraph’s website.

Date Added: Monday 23rd January 2017