Rupert Darwall cited by Matt Ridley in The Times

Columnist and author Matt Ridley cited Rupert Darwall’s CPS publication “Central Planning with Market Features: how renewable subsidies destroyed the UK electricity market” in his The Times column, Monday 1 August 2016. 

“In a prescient paper for the Centre for Policy Studies, Rupert Darwall predicted these problems. He argued that heavily subsidised wind and solar capacity flooding the market with “near random amounts of zero marginal cost electricity” was wrecking the economics of conventional power stations. He concluded: “Without renewables, the UK market would require 22GW of new capacity to replace old coal and nuclear. With renewables, 50GW is required, ie, 28GW more to deal with the intermittency problem.” On top of this is the huge cost of connecting remote wind farms to the grid.”

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Date Added: Monday 1st August 2016