Press release: Britain's borders are propped up with obsolete and outdated technology

Affordable and effective solution requires transferring risk to private sector

The Centre for Policy Studies welcomes the PAC report published today on e-borders.

The announcement that the Home Office must get a grip on a scheme to secure the UK’s borders echoes the findings made in the Centre for Policy Studies report Harnessing Entrepreneurship to Secure Britain’s Borders published last week

The CPS report warned that Britain still cannot be confident in the systems that currently secure its borders; and highlighted how the best solution would be to contract out the border control functions of UKBF and transfer all staff to a new private sector contractor. All risk would then be borne by the private sector (unlike in previous attempts to reform border security).

Faced with a doubling of passenger numbers, and the need to  undertake exit checks for all people leaving the country, this is the only effective and affordable solution to the problems identified by both the CPS and the PAC.

Click here to read the CPS report.

Date Added: Friday 4th March 2016