Michael Johnson speaks at the Barnett Waddingham conference about pension dashboards

Michael Johnson discussed his CPS publication “The Pensions Dashboard: maintain the momentum” at the Barnett Waddingham defined contribution conference, cited in Professional Pensions, Friday 7 October 2016.

Speaking at the annual Barnett Waddingham defined contribution (DC) conference, the Centre for Policy Studies research fellow said while its focus has been on pensions, he argued it should cover personal finance more widely.

He said: “A pensions dashboard should be merely the first step towards a comprehensive dashboard to display all facets of our personal finances.”

He added: “The dashboard is potentially the ultimate disruptor. You could have far more than pension information on there. These include other aspects of your financial life such as bank accounts, mortgages and other types of savings.”

Read the full article on the Professional Pensions website. 

Date Added: Monday 10th October 2016