Daniel Mahoney for the Daily Telegraph on the City and Brexit

CPS head of economic research Daniel Mahoney wrote for the Daily Telegraph on why the City of London will continue to be top dog after Brexit, Saturday 10 September 2016. 

The UK is the world’s leader in financial services, well ahead of Singapore and Hong Kong, with a narrow lead over New York – and absolutely wiping the floor with Europe. But judging by some of the reaction to the EU referendum result, this is suddenly at risk. The evidence, however, suggests that London will remain top dog. Here’s why:

1. Inherent advantages

The UK’s extensive network of financial and professional services will be very hard, if not impossible, to replicate elsewhere in Europe. The UK has the strongest financial services sector by reason of history, time zone, language, expertise and London’s cultural appeal. This won’t change.

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Date Added: Monday 12th September 2016