CPS report on Parliamentary scrutiny featured in The Times

CPS report “Dangerous Trends in Modern Legislation… and how to reverse them” by Daniel Greenberg was featured in The Times newspaper, Friday 8 April 2016. 

“The length of new bills is becoming so great that parliament is unable to scrutinise them properly, a new report has suggested.

While the number of bills passed over the past 50 years has stayed the same, the average number of clauses within them has doubled, according to the Centre for Policy Studies.

Ministers are becoming more powerful as a result because parliament is unable to scrutinise new laws properly, the think tank claims.

“The ‘line-by-line’ scrutiny process has become diluted to such a degree that it can no longer be described as taking place,” the report said.

“There are often lengthy and significant parts of a bill that receive no detailed scrutiny at all at any point in its parliamentary passage.””

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Date Added: Friday 8th April 2016