CPS rail competition bulletin in The Sun

CPS economic bulletin “Get rail competition back on track: more journeys, lower fares and happier passengers” was featured in The Sun, Wednesday 21 December 2016. 

MINISTERS were last night urged to rip-up the rule book and allow rival train operators to compete on the same bit of track.

MPs backed calls from Margaret Thatcher’s favourite think tank to call time on the monopolies that operate across Britain’s railways.

MPs are urging the Government to consider allowing multiple train companies to compete on the same line to improve services

The Centre for Policy Studies said “open access” – where two operators run services over similar routes – would boost competition and improve service.

One Tory backbencher said: “Competition is clearly a good thing and I would like the Government to look at this.”

In a report, the think tank said it believed the Department for Transport was against competition as it would reduce the cash offered by operators to run a franchise – because the returns would be lower.”

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Date Added: Wednesday 21st December 2016