City A.M.: Economic think tank calls for Openreach to be carved out from BT as Ofcom deadline looms

CPS economic bulletin “Break BT’s Monopoly on Broadband Infrastructure” was featured in City A.M., Tuesday 17 February 2016. 

BT faces fresh calls for its broadband infrastructure arm Openreach to be hived off today, after economists at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) found the UK is falling behind international competitors.

The CPS also has warned Britain’s current broadband infrastructure market appears anti-competitive and Ofcom should refer the issue to the Competition and Markets Authority later this month.

A Digital Communications Review is currently being carried out by the communications regulator Ofcom and is expected to be released before the end of the month.

Ofcom does not have the power to split Openreach out from BT, however.”

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Date Added: Thursday 18th February 2016