The Times use Tony Lodge's green hangover figures

Tony Lodge, author of CPS publication “The Great Green Hangover“, was credited in Alistair Osborne’s business commentary column in The Times newspaper, Thursday 19 November 2015. 

“Amber Rudd is our 13th energy secretary since 1997, a role boosted by 16 ministers — a bit of number-crunching just produced by Tony Lodge from the Centre for Policy Studies. And just look what they’ve achieved: average dual-fuel bills, on his figures, up by a real 131 per cent over the past ten years, partly due to what David Cameron calls “green crap”; and so little investment in reliable generating kit that, to avoid blackouts, National Grid is now paying big users to switch off. Its capacity margin — the difference between forecast peak demand and available supply — is down to a pitiful 1.2 per cent. Next winter will probably be worse: three coal-fired plants are set to close in 2016.”

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Date Added: Thursday 19th November 2015