The Sun features Rupert Darwall renewables report

The Sun featured a lead comment article and report on CPS Research Fellow Rupert Darwall’s report Central planning with market features: How renewable subsidies destroyed the UK electricity marketWednesday 18 March 2015. 

Ed’s Eco Costing Us £214: Labour Green Bill

“A disastrous rush to green energy by the former Labour government means households will spend £214 more a year for electricity by 2020, says a report. It claims renewable energy policies championed by Ed Miliband when he was Energy Secretary wrecked the UK electricity market.

And the Centre for Policy Studies report said Mr Miliband’s currect campaign for lower prices is “dishonest” given he did so much to push electricity bills up. The think tank said the state now paid colossal subsidies to wind and solar power firms after Labour pledged to generate 15 per cent of our energy from green sources. It claimed allowing market forces to decide which power source to use would reduce annual bills by £214 by 2020. Outright renationalisation would wipe £92 from bills.

CPS expert Rupert Darwall said Labour’s green revolution was “the most expensive policy disaster in modern British history.” He added: “Ed Miliband’s position now is thoroughly dishonest because the policy he supports results in higher prices.””

Ed Bill-iband

“The word chutzpah is sometimes defined as a boy who kills both his parents and then pleads for mercy because he’s an orphan. It might equally be used to describe Ed Miliband posing as the champion of lower energy prices.

Because it was the Labour leader’s Energy Act – pushed through when he was Energy Secretary – that required regulators to treat greenhouse gas reductions as being in the best interests of customers. Ed Miliband’s “green crap” – as David Cameron called it – has added almost £215 a year to energy bills.

If he really wanted to tackle energy costs, he’d push the Governmnet to get rid of the laws that he introduced.”

Date Added: Thursday 19th March 2015