The Guardian quote Adam Memon on welfare cuts

Head of Economic Research Adam Memon was quoted by The Guardian on Conservative plans for welfare cuts in the next Parliament. 

Adam Memon, head of economic research at the rightwing Centre for Policy Studies, agrees that taxing disability benefits or means-testing carer’s allowance are problematic. “Carer’s allowance is such an important element when local council budgets are cut,” he says but insists that the Tories are right to make savings in the welfare budget to meet deficit-reduction targets and that the £12bn figure is “difficult but not impossible”.

The problem is the more options you rule out the greater the cuts needed elsewhere in the budget. Memon suggests extending to five the current planned two-year freeze on benefit uprating. But even that would save just half the £12bn target, and would impoverish millions already on the breadline. Many observers wonder how plausible the figure is.”

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Date Added: Friday 24th April 2015