Miliband’s extra 750k homes on benefits (The Sun)

The CPS Economic Bulletin “Welfare Dependency and the Size of the State” was featured in the Sun on Sunday, 15 September 2015. 

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“Labour would build a much bigger state which would “blunt” work incentives, says the Centre for Policy Studies.

The result would be falling growth, which would breed a “culture of low aspiration”.

As a result, 750,000 more households would fall into the “permanent trap” of welfare dependency by 2010.

More than 1.5 million children already live in households where nobody works – and 241,000 in homes where nobody has EVER worked.

The report warns: “This is an improvement on previous years but is still too high.

“A larger state will mean more children growing up in households dependent on welfare.”

The report is based on public spending accounting for 38.8 per cent of the economy under Labour.

It would mean a total of 12.63 million receiving more in benefits by 2020, compared to 11.89 under Tories.

Authors Adam Memon and Tim Knox say: “The size of the state is strongly related to welfare dependency in the UK.

“It is clear that Labour’s plans for a larger state will inevitably lead to hundreds of thousands more households in welfare dependency.

They add: “Unfortunately, rather than a transitory phase, welfare dependency has become a permanent trap for many households.” Last night Tories seized on the findings to ram home the message that Labour are in a mess on welfare.”

To read the full article, visit The Sun website

Date Added: Monday 16th February 2015