Michael Johnson in Daily Mail on town hall pensions

CPS research fellow Michael Johnson was quoted in a Daily Mail story on town hall pensions rising by £1 billion this year, Friday 30 October 2015. 

“Town hall pensions expert Michael Johnson, a research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank, said: ‘The Local Government Pension Scheme is the biggest scandal in the pensions industry and I am afraid this is just the start.

‘There is much more to come – this is the start of a catastrophe.’

Mr Johnson said rising pension costs were likely to mean that the share of an average English council tax bill devoted to paying pensions is likely to rise from 28 per cent last year to 50 per cent in the next few years.

The Department for Communities and Local Government said concern about the extra £1.1billion was ‘short-sighted’.”

Date Added: Friday 30th October 2015