David Cameron cites CPS research in Sunday Telegraph article

Prime Minister David Cameron cited CPS research on the effects of Labour’s proposed rise in the Corporation Tax, Sunday 8 February 2015. 

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“It was Ed Miliband, in one of his first major speeches as Labour leader, who took it upon himself to dub some businesses as “predators”. It was Ed Balls who said that one of the first things he would do as Chancellor would be to slap higher corporation tax on some of our biggest employers. As new analysis today shows, this policy alone could cost 96,400 jobs. That statistic demolishes one of their economic arguments; they say they would deal with the deficit by growing the economy, but with their anti-business policies, there would be no jobs and no growth. For Britain’s hard-working families, that would mean thousands more parents back on the dole, children going without, ambitions being stifled, all because Labour are ideologically blind to the link between enterprise and people’s prosperity.”

For the research behind the figures, read “Estimating the Employment Effects of Labour’s Corporation Tax Policy“.

Date Added: Monday 9th February 2015