Daily Mail report on CPS energy pamphlet

CPS pamphlet “The Great Green Hangover” was featured in an article by the Daily Mail, Wednesday 18 November 2015. 

“Britain could face a major shortage of electricity in the New Year following decades of government mismanagement, a report warns today.

For the first time ever, demand is expected to outstrip supply in March after green taxes put vital power plants out of business, according to experts.

Meanwhile the Energy Secretary will today say Britain must end its dependence on coal and embark on a new ‘dash for gas’ over the next decade to keep the lights on.

Amber Rudd will announce that new gas and nuclear power stations will replace ageing coal plants as energy security is made the ‘first priority’ of the Government.

The Centre for Policy Studies report will point out that electricity bills have risen on average by 131 per cent in real terms – or some £705 – over the last ten years.

Energy analyst Tony Lodge, who wrote the report, argues successive governments have allowed plants to close that were needed to secure the country’s energy future.

As a result, Britain has lost around one fifth of its generating capacity over the last five years.”

Read more at the Daily Mail website. 

Date Added: Wednesday 18th November 2015