CPS' Adam Memon writes on Inheritance Tax (The Guardian)

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CPS Head of Economic Research Adam Memon argues that Inheritance Tax is largely unfair in The Guardian.

To read the full article, visit The Guardian website.

“YouGov polling shows that of 11 major taxes, IHT is seen to be the most unfair by people across the political spectrum. And that’s no surprise: people work hard throughout their lives to provide for themselves and to look after their families. They do the right thing by saving for their children and grandchildren and are then punished for it.

IHT is justifiably unpopular because it strikes at our basic human instinct to want to look after our loved ones when we die. When it comes to tax policy, it goes against the grain to demand payment from someone in mourning and prevents us from doing what we want with our money at the end of our lives.”

To read the full article, visit The Guardian website.

Date Added: Tuesday 15th September 2015