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CapX – for popular capitalism” is a new digital platform that commissions top writers from around the world and scours 3.5 million sources to deliver, every day, the world’s best thinking on the free market to a global audience.

The thesis is simple: crony capitalism, cartel capitalism and corporatism are deformations of true capitalism; and are inherently dangerous to all those who think that free markets have driven an extraordinary increase in prosperity, living standards, innovation and enterprise across the world over the last 40 years.

The key features of CapX are:

  • exclusive commentary on the free market from the world’s leading academics, economists and commentators
  • aggregated news scoured from 3.5 million blogs, academic journals and mainstream media, curated by our editorial team
  • distributed through a network of the world’s leading think tanks (who themselves will also be contributing exclusive articles to CapX)
  • all articles aggregated on a fully searchable, image-driven website

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Maurice Saatchi, Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies (which has developed CapX), comments:

There is a convincing answer for all those who are understandably disillusioned with much of what passes off as capitalism. CapX, the first global digital think tank, has been designed to show how popular capitalism can work to the benefit of all. We hope it will make a difference. For we must recognise that we are now fighting a battle of ideologies – with the Left in Europe and radical Islam in the Middle East and elsewhere. And to win those battles, soft power will be more important than hard power (whatever the rights and wrongs of the latter). All that is needed is the power of example, a brilliant and consistent argument, a belief in the cause and the determination to fight for what one believes.

Iain Martin, Editor of CapX, comments:

Even if you are not pro-market, I hope that you will find stimulating and useful articles on CapX that challenge your perceptions. At CapX we are for competition because it drives innovation, creates wealth and increases prosperity. But we are against crony capitalism because, when government and business gets too close, consumers and voters lose out. If capitalists are to win the new battle of ideas we will have to demonstrate that markets work for the many and not just a narrow élite.

Any enquires please to [email protected] or on 020 7222 4488.

Date Added: Wednesday 28th January 2015